John Ellis

Brian talks to CERN Theoretical Physicsist, Professor John Ellis, about Supersymmetry, Super Strings, Dark Matter and Dark Energy and a Super picture of Peter Higgs in a bathing suit.

(direct link here)

John Ellis

3 thoughts on “John Ellis

  1. Fascinating stuff! It seems that we are nowhere near of the outer limits of the universe either in the size of the largest elements revealed by telescopes or the smallest elements as discovered by your most advanced accelerators. The Big Bang idea is now falling apart. If, as is more likely, the universe is practically infinite and eternal, then God and the Universe are the same entity. That realization will be the beginning of a New Age of Enlightenment when Humans will start respecting everyone and everything since ALL are part of the same Divine Entity.


  2. Gaz says:

    Hi, im new to the realm of physics and find it quite amazing…Ive looked at Hawkins and Albert at a quick glance so to speak…now, being new to this i was wondering if anyone has any theory about Photon mass or matter? Its a known fact that Photons which you know are a bi-products or expelled from Electrons in the form of light waves etc, now if they have mass it could explain the reason why a black hole is black. If light has mass then gravity must have an effect on light, because light is being sucked into the black hole. I agree that the more mass or matter will create more gravity and the inevitable apparent closure of the block hole only to explode into another Galaxy…But, when one excites an atom, for eg warms it up, does the weight of the atom increase or reduce? if it reduces it should be expeling photons, and either create them on cooling or absorbe them again in some sort of attraction. Like a hot air balloon, you excite the atoms with heat and you get lift, so hot atoms are maybe lighter than cold atoms or they are exited, or the energy from the photons creates the lift..If photons have mass or matter, will that change everything? if so photons/light=matter+?, so matter would be able to travel at the speed of light because light has mass. Have we any way to calculate any of this theory?.Ive only been doing this 2 days, ive never read a book on physics, maybe i should.



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