Quentin Wilson

Quentin Wilson is one of Britain’s best-known motoring experts. He presented the BBC’s Top Gear for over a decade before leaving for Channel Five’s rival motoring programme, Fifth Gear.

We invited Quentin to come to CERN because of his interest in engineering, he left with a deeper understanding of the Universe and humanity’s place in it.

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Quentin Wilson

5 thoughts on “Quentin Wilson

  1. TERRY FRASER says:

    Hi, I was thinking that cern may download and upload information through its power grid and communication to areas of the planet that it was not intended to effect.Like a vehicle getting a electronic diagnoses at a garage the cern would be giving one to the entire planet. So if the cern has be having test it would explain some things.If the cern does create portales in space a person could get a frequece on their cell phone giving a message from the past or present except that person would not know whats going to happen next because they are not aware of times cause and effect through cern.


  2. Chaplain Phillip Lamb, M.div, BC-LCC says:

    Dr. Brian Cox

    I find it difficult to digest that one of the greatest physicists in the world, Brian Cox, designer and builder of the Hadron Collider, is a literary fan of Christopher Hitchens the atheist. Certainly the Hadron Collider is not in the hands of a man who is a reader of atheistic literature!

    Is Mr. Hitchens aware, or does he even care that his influences reach more diabolical conclusions than does religion? I bring up Brian Cox because Mr. Cox is reading material by Christopher Hitchens “God is Not Great”, and at the same time is in charge of one of the most dangerous experiments in history, with Hitchens reinforcing a warped social influence on science and society.

    Mr. Hitchens’ influence on young readers is exact, though his social theology is misguided prejudice. His arrogance is not impressive and shows little regard for ‘order’. Order is in the universe. Mr. Cox is constructing a collider to prove it, and yet is reading Christopher Hitchens’ book that denies it.
    Mr. Hitchens and his atheistic arrogance certainly do not belong in the mind of a brilliant man like Brian Cox. Just because Mr. Hitchens wants to sign his own eternal death warrant, does not mean brilliant men like Brian Cox should, or anyone else for that matter.

    Mr. Hitchens is trying to prove that the unknown cannot be proven, and Mr. Brian Cox is trying to prove that which cannot be seen is ‘real’.

    Chaplain Phillip C. Lamb, MDIV, BC-LCC


  3. D says:

    Philip lamb.. oh dear.
    Really don’t know what to say to you.
    Your level of ignorance is astounding.

    Your version of order involves a bearded creator begging you to believe, and for people to have to believe in nonsense.

    The LHC version of order, is actual real order, the order of the universe… not the order of the ignorant majority :S


  4. Conor McNassar says:

    Mr. Lamb,
    If you find it difficult to digest that one of the world’s top physicist is reading Hitchens, then you are in for quite the gastronomic nightmare. The scientific community in the UK and indeed most of the world is far less religious than the populace at large. Indeed, you may be putting yourself in peril every time you drive an automobile or ride a commuter train! Just think of the warped minds out there designing airplanes and elevators!

    Really though, I’m interested in your thoughts on why the LHC is one of the most dangerous experiments in history. Oblige me?


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