Bad Astronomy

Who better to invite to CERN, than the internet’s most popular astronomy blogger, Dr. Phil Plait, the Bad Astronomer?

Phil and Brian originally met in 2005 when Brian interviewed Phil for a BBC programme about the Deep Impact mission. Since then, they’ve stayed in touch regularly. Phil was even interviewed about science in science fiction for ‘Sunshine’, the film on which Brian worked as the science consultant.

Phil has written loads about his trip to CERN already (Parts 1, 2, 3, 4) and made a video

All we have is this:

(direct link here)

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The Bad Astronomer

Phil Plait, satirist Chris Morris and physicist Albert De Roeck at ATLAS

The Bad Astronomer

Phil talking to Brian at ATLAS

The Bad Astronomer

Phil podcasting away at CMS

The Bad Astronomer

Back off, man, I’m a scientist.

Bad Astronomy

13 thoughts on “Bad Astronomy

  1. Dennis says:

    OK, I must be dim. I don’t do itunes, I rely on direct download for my podcasts, and I can’t find any link on this page to one…

    I’ve listened to the earlier podcasts, but now I can’t find mp3 links on those pages, either.



  2. madge says:

    Great podcast, video and postings by Phil! I volunteer to DO ANYTHING just for the chance to see LHC close up! The single most awesome undertaking we hydrogen atoms have attempted so far!


  3. cernpodcast says:


    I’ve added links to the MP3s for all podcasts. Maybe, for some reason, you r browser isn’t seeing the Flash player. Sory for that!


  4. Teresa Belcher says:

    The LHC is extremely interesting and a valuable instrument of our time. This is my first time hearing Chris Morris, but I have followed Brian Cox and he is smart interesting and very very HOT!!!!


  5. william bates says:

    Brian Cox”s talk on TED is wonderful,is the machine on
    line yet? what are the latest findings? best wishes from S/Califonia USA. I was born in Moss Side Manchester in August 1918,near the university.


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