Science and Politics

Ed Vaizey, MP for Wantage and Didcot, visited CERN last spring. He had a Q&A with John Ellis on the physics being done at CERN, was shown around ATLAS and had a chat with Brian Cox about science, politics and UK science funding.

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Science and Politics

3 thoughts on “Science and Politics

  1. Tom Furr says:

    Comment for Professor Brian Cox.

    I watch your programs on the science channel with great interest. Recently I watch your segment on the search for the “gravitron paticle” I believe that there is no such particle. Gravity is a consequence of the three other forces, electromagnetism, weak and strong force. Without these three you do not have gravity. Thinking that gravitron particles disappear into another dimension to explain the loss of energy in the accelerator is somewhat far reaching.

    Gravity is to the three forces as a “shock” is to the flow of electrons.


  2. vincent madhavan says:

    love all your programs, came acroos a video done in 2005 of an eclipse in india. Filmed it while I was there and i understand its a rare eclipse with saturn the rings are clear on the video, wondered if you wanted to take a look? or know someone who might be interested?


  3. William Green says:

    This really is an amazing achievement. I would like to see the impact this having on science by 2015. I think that the world has so much to learn from such an extraordinary engineering construction.


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